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STEPS are opposed to excessive building plans in Tetbury, Gloucestershire

We support sustainable development within Tetbury, using ‘infill sites’ and ‘brownfield sites’ where land and buildings are no longer being used within the town. There are infill sites throughout the town, which are ideal for redevelopment. We recognise the need for local people to stay within the town, in low cost housing either renting or buying; and feel this is the way residents wish to move forward in the future.

We are against large scale development outside of the town’s boundaries; as we do not want urban sprawl that would ruin the town for the people living here. The town’s infrastructure and services will be unable to cope with these large numbers of houses and people. The sewage systems are inadequate to cope with large new estates here; and these developments further increase the risk of flooding which is an issue in some areas.  There would be a need for new services to be installed causing huge disruption for the whole of the town.

Tetbury does not have a by-pass road and the increase in tetbury traffic will be unacceptable all over the town. Parking is already a major cause of concern and this will be compounded by these developments.  There is no work locally for a large increase in the population, which would mean commuter traffic travelling through the town.

Tetbury sits within an ‘Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’ known as an ‘AONB’. These green fields that surround the town provide habitats and environments for the local wildlife and include a diverse mix of animal species and plants. These are used by the townspeople and are a very important part of our well-being. This would be destroyed if large scale planning applications are permitted.

Tourism plays an important part nowadays in our local economy, which will suffer if large new estates are allowed; and parking will be out of control.

Tetbury needs your support!!!

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